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We aim to prepare ALL school children under our care with the physical and mental edge to thrive
in the competitive world they will encounter through sports and recreation education.

Jonathan Crawford

Hello, I specialise in introducing the basic movement mechanics of new sports to children and adults. I will analyse your movement and stick with you until you become confident and competent at whatever sport you choose. I also teach the PE National Curriculum PE CPD for Primary School Teachers.
Mentoring is also a passion for me, as I believe the trials of playing sports at school helps to nurture the mental fortitude to succeed in the real world.

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Our Philosophy

Movement literacy (ML) refers to our capacity to move from intention to action. To optimise a child’s ML, it is incumbent upon physical educators to capitalise on a key window of opportunity in a child’s life known as the Rapid Development Phase (ages 7-12). This is a crucial period of neurological maturation where children acquire motor skills and movement patterns that become autonomous with the least frustration. With this foundation, teenager’s will be equipped to select from a range of sports to play and specialise in if they wish to pursue such a path. Therefore, high quality primary school Physical Education will pave the way for a happy, healthy, and active adult life.


Half-Term & Summer Multi-Sports Camps

Our multi-sports camps are created to introduce children to a wide range of sports and movement skills.
The camp programme includes:

Team Challenges

Street Dance


Playground Games


Net & Racket Sports

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