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Superhero Morning Club

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John sure knows his stuff and I can’t wait for the next session. Loving his workouts👍🏾
Mark Agyei
Brilliant service and my kids love going to sessions.
B vK
Have had a few sessions. Always well prepared, focused and calm. Easy to approach and knowledgable. Recommended.
Laszlo Toth

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Gymnastics is the ideal foundation for developing good balance, core strength, posture, flexibility, and body management. These sessions are structured for all levels, where each child will manage their own checklist of skills they wish to learn.

Superhero Morning Club

A Superhero never gives up because he has a world to save! In this club, children are set challenges for developing their teamworking skills, patience, focus, and resilience. Whilst learning how their favourite superheroes overcame adversity.

Street dance

There is nothing more liberating than dancing to music, and we feel the frustration of adults who have never learnt this skill. This class not only refines a child’s upper and lower limb co-ordination but enhances their ability to hear cues in the music, work in a team, and perform in front of others with confidence.


All physically demanding sports require athleticism – the ability to Run, Jump & Throw efficiently. It is important to learn the correct mechanics at an early age to prevent the likelihood of developing bad habits which often lead to life-long injuries.